Business Owners save on Mortgage Life Cover!
24th March 2011
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Company Directors – find a more cost effective way of structuring your mortgage life assurance – And get corporation tax relief!

With inflation running at an ever increasing level, and the recent budget announcements whereby more people will fall into the higher rate tax threshold, and many will lose their valuable child benefit from 2013, no one can deny that we are all going to feel ‘the squeeze’ on our wallets.

If you currently have life cover to protect your mortgage, did you know that your company can pay the premiums but that your loved ones can still benefit from a claim personally? 

What is even better is that your company could also benefit from Corporation tax relief on the premiums.   There is no National Insurance liability, and no ‘Benefit in Kind’ considerations.

What better than to take this often costly benefit away from your personal finances at a time when we seem to have less disposable income at our fingertips?

Talk to our Financial Advisors to book a no obligation/cost meeting at a time and place convenient to you.

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