Back to School, Richmond
1st September 2009
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The fact that my partner actually put on a pair of socks the other evening (always a last resort, she's one of Nature's Children), signifies the summer season is drawing to a close.

Which in turn, dear children of Richmond, you'll soon be back to school - if not already - and filling your sponge-like brains with learning once more.

Now parents, there's nothing to entice reluctant pupils back into their uniforms like a bit of new kit to start the new year with, so get your shopping lists out, and see what they need.

A new term could mean some new sports kit, or the latest pencil case and pen set. New bags, new shoes, new lunchbox, new calculator... the list is endless. However, in today's climate of bargain-hunting, it doesn't have to cost the earth. Don't fall into the trap of labels and designer gear - of course their friends will have stuff they want, but it won't do any harm to your little darlings to have to learn humility and that life isn't about fashion and trends that'll be out of date within a knat's heartbeat. Help them keep up with their contempories, sure, but also teach them not to give in to peer pressure.

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