Autumn Lawn Health check for Richmond upon Thames
23rd August 2010
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For the last few months we have been preaching to everybody we come across to keep cutting their lawns and keeping them well watered.

Keeping it watered is a bit of a no brainer considering how dry it has been since May this year, but regular mowing seems a bit unnecessary considering how slow the grass has been growing.

Well, even if you take the top off of the grass by a few millimetres you will be strengthening the roots as well as keeping the lawn weeds down.

So why is it important to keep the roots strong....?

Having a strong root system in your lawn will ensure that your lawn is more resilient to extreme weather such as the dry spell we have just come out of,the snow and ice we had for a few months in the winter or even the stress of children playing on it.

So, what is the best plan for this Autumn?

Keep on cutting, as we get closer to December slowly start to raise the cutting height on your mower to give the lawn some help during the colder months. We actually keep on cutting, even if its once a month from December until March. So many people will think I am talking poppycock....they say " never cut between October and April " well, I disagree.....not only because we are a lawn cutting company,but also because it is good for your lawn to take a little bit off of it, it makes it look tidy and will help to remove dead leaves and other chaff which can suffocate your lawn.

But remember do not walk on or try to cut the lawn when there is a frost on it..... wait until later in the day or for a slightly warmer day.

Another good idea is to treat the weeds in lawn,leave it to take effect for a week or so and then Scarify, Aerate and Feed to take the dead organic matter out of the lawn that has built up over the dry summer, de-compact the ground and to strengthen the leaf and root ready for the winter.

Happy lawn health everybody!!!

Article written by David Salisbury

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