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2nd September 2009
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According to entrepreneur, Richard Harris, there is no need to pay fines for forgetting to pay the Congestion Charge when driving into London. Or, for failing to realise you are actually entering a Congestion Charging zone.

Many busy health professionals, whose journeys may be vital for saving lives, teachers, executives and others not always able to use public transport, are paying regular fines, costing a fortune.

Now, thanks to Richard and his innovative scheme, help is at hand and rapidly gaining popularity.

“With the latest iPhone application you can check if you are in the charging zone and pay via your phone,” explains Richard who operates AutoAlert Ltd,  provider of award winning GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems. “You get a reminder at your chosen time, at no extra cost, if you have forgotten to pay.”

Being in total control of what you pay and when, on an AutoAlert pay as you go, costs just £3 on the iTunes store and is a lot healthier than paying up to £180.00.

“Millions of people do not normally drive in to the capital,” adds Richard, “and may be unfamiliar with the boundaries. The unexpected increase in traffic for the unaware visitor builds into stress, then you get fined...Imagine the impact on your health and family on top!”

Well, most of us make a simple, genuine error or forget so this is an excellent service, even if you are only driving in on a one-off, you can still get the notification.

For more information please contact: 


(t) 0207 394 7457
(f) 0207 099 5708
(m) 07973 740 772
(e) info@autoalert.me.uk  or richard@autoalert.me.uk

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