A Happy Parking Story
21st April 2009
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..or How to Park for Free whilst supporting local charties.

On behalf of Michael Butlin..

Dear Sir,

It seems that every week someone is telling a sad tale; when every week hundreds of locals and visitors park in our borough successfully without paying extra, being attacked, etc.

Personally, I can park in Twickenham on a Saturday morning, do my weekly shop and come home with an extra 10p in my pocket.

This bonus comes to me having shopped at Waitrose for my supermarket purchases such as 'Cloudy Lemon' for my Grandson, and many other items all within 30 mins. On settling my bill I pick up my £1 credit against parking and a token to support a local charity of my choice.

Having paid my parking ticket of 50p, I then drive round to Holly Road and purchase 30mins for 40p - where I can pick up my Farmers Market purchases (butter, cheese, game) followed by quick visits to Cousins, Belmont and Sandy to complete my weekly shop.

If the wine stock (at home) is down then I quickly drive into NICOLAS parking at the rear of their store, walking around to the front allows me to pick up stationary purchases at Star Print. Into Nicolas for my wine where it is carried directly out the back to my car.

Shopping locally in downtown Twickenham can be speedy, enjoyable and profitable.

Holly Road parking machine does show 80p for 1 hour minimum, however this was an error when the new machines were installed. After I pointed out this error, and the machine was corrected now produces a 30min ticket for 40p, same charges as before the installation of the new machines.

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