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This is the first pilates class where my back is feeling more flexible and stronger after years of back ache from nursing.
Amazing personalised service. Friendly and helpful staff. A tailor-made pilates session based on your individual needs - I managed to go up to 39 weeks pregnant and then 8 weeks post birth.
I have been a customer of Pilates Plus for over 10 years. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Best of all are the Pilates teachers who do their utmost to help alleviate any physical problems, no matter how big or small. I love the shop too!
Pilates Plus has a small, intimate studio which could be intimidating to the unfit or injured. However the reverse is true: everyone from the staff in the well-equipped shop is friendly, welcoming without being over the top, and very thoughtful in planning each session to respond to the individual's needs. The teachers are highly skilled and owner Sarah Duley is brilliant and inspiring.
An excellent local pilates studio, with great instructors. On the ground floor is a shop selling a good range of equipment and clothing. This is a great asset for the area.
Sarah and her team are trained in teaching Pilates, I understand from Sarah that she is on the Pilates board and a founder member. To attend one of the classes at pilates is well recommended. I came away with no injuries just looking forward to my next visit. There is even a shop selling great sports clothes for good measure. Trish Abram
I love Pilates Plus because it is such a unique and personalised business epitomising what a local independent businesses should be, part of the community. The staff is always extremely friendly and remember me from visit to visit. The shop sells clothing lines and accessories that you would be hard pressed to find together under one roof anywhere else. The Pilates studio is my life line. If it wasn't for the studio keeping my aging body moving god knows what state I'd be in by now.
I have been going to Pilates Plus for 6 years now. It runs small studio classes with a maximum of 3 people. Over the years I have been instructed by various people and all of them have been knowledgable and helpful. The staff are always friendly and professional and the back massage at the end of the class makes the hard work very worthwhile. I have tried to attend Pilates classes at a gym but have always found the class sizes too big and usually come away having strained something. This has never happened at Pilates Plus because they always make sure you are doing the exercise correctly and because there is a max. of 3 people, they can see if you are making mistakes. So while you pay a lot more to attend classes at Pilates Plus, it is money well spent. If you are thinking you might like to give Pilates a try then I suggest you give them a call and see if they can fit you into their popular studio.
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