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This is a wonderful academy, I can proudly say I have been a memebr for just over a year. My accomplishments within the Martial Arts has been astounding, ( for someone at the age of 41yrs who thought watching TV was going to be my evenings entertainment when I turned 40, only to be spontanioius and do something totally different). Once you join you become part of a wonderful school, you are welcomed, a sense of belonging, you meet friends and you learn at your own pace. The Senseiʼs and of course Master Lynne provide you with support and guidance, providing you with expertise and they inspire you with their learned knowledge about the Martial Arts. I had the honour of being asked to become one of the Asssitant Instructors, and after successfully completing my examination and recieving my Diploma, I am proud and feel privledged to be part of this academy. You live by a code, and are given key words to inspire you whilst training but also through your daily life, your achievements are seen though your skills that are learnt and your belt changing colour everytime you grade is probably one of the best days of your life. If you want to imporve your health, your mental and physical being, do not hesitate and try this mind blowing academy and become a valued and proud student of this fantstic academy - maybe Iʼll meet you.
Why I Like John Lynnʼs Black Belt Academy I like it because it teaches life skills. The people are freindly and it gave me concentration at school that got me the best school report in years. Also its helped me defend myself against bullies who attack me. Cameron, 11
We attend as a family and couldnʼt recommend it highly enough! Not only has it greatly improved all our fitness levels but has given us a more positive attitude to life! The instructors teach self-confidence and the benefits of setting goals and doing your best in all areas of your life (for adults as well as children). My son has gone from being the child who was bullied to defending himself, through to telling bullies to leave others alone! The clean, bright Dojo is the only private Dojo in Rhyl and even has a seating area for parents and siblings to watch and encourage their children. Through teamwork and with enthusiastic, attentive and encouraging Senseis and Assistant Instructors all students are "On A Quest to be our Best!" Alison, 31
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