Redditch Nursery Worker Tells Of How Fantastic First Aid Saved Baby's Life.
2nd May 2012
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A Heart Warming Story To Illustrate The Necessity Of First Aid In The Work Place - As Told By A Redditch Nursery Worker.'

'Below is a description of what happened one day in our nursery.

Had I had not been First Aid Trained and I doubt I would have known what to do and by not knowing what to do the outcome could have been fatal.

Andy Fay (Independent Medical Solutions, Redditch) delivers First Aid in a calm and steady pace. Its fun and easy to follow and never intimidating. He wants you to pass and does everything in his power to help you pass.

I will always be grateful to him because his type of teaching has stayed with me. During the incident that took place, I could recall everything that was needed to be done in a calm manner.....

It's only afterwards you break down....'

15th September 2011

'At 12.30pm and there was incident in the nursery, where a 15 month baby was sitting at the table and began to convulse. I was shouted to come to the room. I quickly assessed the situation, I asked for the other children to be removed from the room. I told a member of staff to dial 999. A member of staff was supporting the child in the sitting up position as the convulsion had started in the chair. Initially I thought he was choking and patted his back. I checked his mouth for debris and the realised it was a convulsion. I took him to lie him down as he continued to convulse in my arms. He then stopped moving and cyanosis had appeared around his lips. The baby had stopped breathing. His skin had gone almost rubber looking. Me and another member of staff prepared to administer CPR. (A member of staff was phoning the ambulance and I remember shouting "He's stopped breathing”), as we lay him on his back I looked at the other member of staff sitting with me for reassurance, both of us confirming it needed to be done. I tilted his head back and prepared to begin with 2 rescue breaths - and began chest compressions. At this point the child gasped for air, chest began to rise and eyes focused. He began to cry and colour return.  That cry was the sweetest sound. Putting him recovery position we waited for the ambulance to arrive and take him to hospital.'


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