Christmas Craft Santa Hat Idea
30th November 2011
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Children's Santa Hat or Decoration Craft Idea

Draw and cut out a half circle from a large piece of red card.

Twirl the half circle into a cone-shaped hat. Staple along the seams.

Cut a small circle of pink paper for Santa's face. Glue it to the cone.

Cut a strip of black paper and glue it to the cone as Santa's belt. Cut a small yellow rectangle for a belt buckle. Glue it to the belt.

Glue a cotton ball at the top of the cone (the top of Santa's hat).

Glue some cotton balls around the cone just above Santa's face (this is the bottom of his hat).

Glue cotton balls around the face for Santa's beard.

Cut out 2 tiny black paper circles using a hole punch (these will be his eyes). Glue the eyes to Santa. Draw a mouth.

Now you can wear your Santa hat for Christmas!

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