El Amanecer - Argentine Tango Club
  • 155 Fleetham Gardens
    Loer Earley
    RG6 4HL
The “El Amanecer” - Argentine Tango Club is a private tuition business in Reading that teaches and promotes the art of social Argentine Tango as danced in Buenos Aires.

5aa9213dc6a7119f51002826The “El Amanecer” Argentine Tango Club teaches and promotes the art of social Argentine Tango as danced in Buenos Aires. The Club offers basic and advanced level group Tango classes as well as private tuition in three locations. It also provides opportunities for its clients to dance socially at Milongas (social Tango dancing events) and Tea Dances three times a month.

In addition, “El Amanecer” provides Argentine Tango workshops for schools, other organizations and Team Building Events. The Club also organises periodic trips to Buenos Aires for its clients and co-organises the annual Reading Tango Festival which takes place in October each year.

With over 17 years’ experience in the Tango teaching business in Reading, the “El Amanecer” - Argentine Tango Club offers an enjoyable and fun learning environment for all, whether at basic or advanced levels. It offers clients lovely evenings where they can learn a great skill while having fun and keeping fit at the same time. You will always have the same teachers each week as the Club does not contract in teachers, and all of the resident teachers are accredited by The London Argentine Tango School (LATS)

Founded by Tom Nickson in 2000, the “El Amanecer” - Argentine Tango Club provides a welcoming community for everyone. Tom Nickson is a professional dancer of over 40 years standing having qualified with both the National Association of Teachers of Dancing (NATD) and the Imperial Society of Dancing (ISTD). Tom was drawn to Argentine Tango over 17 years ago when there were only a few Tango teachers in the UK.

Argentine Tango is suitable for people of all ages who are willing to learn and prepared to be passionate about this amazingly uplifting and impressive dance.

Visit the “El Amanecer” - Argentine Tango Club and come and learn to celebrate the best of life.

Member of the Top 1%
Member of the Top 1%
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