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Back pain, pain management, sports injuries, neck injuries, hip injuries and all kinds of physiotherapy needs are treated at Summit Physiotherapy in Southport & Chorley.

Summit Physiotherapy is a team of sports injury and physiotherapy experts who specialise in movement dysfunction and functional rehabilitation.


Using  variety of treatments we will relieve pain, regain movement, restore muscle strength and return you to normal activities.

Sports injuries

It’s great to get physical, but sometimes you might overdo it. We’ve seen every kind of sports injury, including

  • ACL injuries
  • AC joint dislocations
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Ankle sprains
  • Groin sprains

Functional & sport specific rehabilitation

This means rehabilitating muscle imbalances and strengthening weaknesses that have occurred during everyday activities.

Functional movement screening

The repetitive nature of modern life and the physical demands of most sports can lead to certain areas in the body becoming tight and other areas ‘weak’. These can eventually lead to pain, breakdown of tissues and chronic overuse injuries.

Post-operative rehabilitation

Our aim is to relieve pain, increase your range of motion and correct any movement dysfunction created pre-surgery. Also, by improving muscle strength and minimising the risk of re-injury, we will increase your confidence and improve your quality of life.

This is what we aim to achieve after your operation

  • Decrease of pain and swelling
  • Restore and maintain range of motion
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Improve mobility
  • Increase independence
  • Re-educate normal muscle patterning
  • Increase confidence in activities of normal living
  • Progress you back to full activity – including sports

Sports massage in Southport & Chorley

A deep sports massage aims to improve circulation, eliminate build-up of lactic acids and prevent accumulated stiffness from training or working repetitively. Sports massage is not just for sports people; it is for anyone who desires a deep tissue massage.

Sports massage can effectively break down minor injuries and lesions that occur due to over-exertion and/or over use of muscles. Sports massage is often used in combination with other physiotherapy techniques as part of your recovery.

Summit's sports massage aims to

  • Improve circulation and lymph flow
  • Bring back your ‘feel good’ factor
  • Reduce muscle tension and soreness
  • Improve flexibility
  • Relieve pain

Free injury clinics

Check our website for the times of our FREE injury clinics

Event & on site physiotherapy

Employers! Get your staff treated on site.

Improve efficiency. We can treat your staff before work, in their lunch break or after work.


Biomechanics is a specialist field that examines the interaction of joints, ligaments, tendon and muscle in relation to body movement and the physical world around us. A small change in structure, function or load of the body can lead to tissue break down and pain.

Following a complete assessment in Southport & Chorley of the symptomatic area and once the affected structures are identified, an appropriate custom-made shoe insole will be prescribed to address your needs.


The Southport & Chorley Physio Team

A team of expert musculoskeletal specialist clinicians who strive for excellence and offer the most comprehensive physical and emotional support in the health care industry.

The Summit team provides a first class service in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injury, irrespective of age or ability. 

What you can expect from Summit

Each new client/condition will have an initial consultation during which one of our skilled clinicians will take a detailed and confidential history and physical assessment. Using our education board, we will explain why the condition has occurred to help you understand the cause of the problem. Then a relevant, evidence-based treatment plan can be agreed and implemented.

Our service helps you to treat yourself for a long-term solution to prevent reoccurrence of your condition and return to activity with confidence. Remember: together, each achieves more.


"I have come across many physio's and athletic trainers. However, none possess the level of understanding and professionalism Andy and his team at Summit Physio demonstrate to each client.

"Andy not only helped me overcome serious injury but has given me the tools to prevent injury in the future whilst competing at the highest level around the world."

Adam Holt, golf pro

"Without Jess and team Summit I wouldn't be going to Norway in January 2012 with the GB Bob Skeleton Team. Thank you!"

Jack Thomas




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