St Catherine's Hospice
  • Lostock Lane
    Lostock Hall
    PR5 5XU
St Catherine's Hospice is a much needed (and much loved) charitable organisation in Lostock Hall, near Preston. Through its work in palliative care for patients suffering a range of end-of-life illnesses, the charitable organisation eases the suffering of the sick and reassures families that their loved ones receive the very best care available.

St Catherine's




St Catherine's Hospice is a much needed charitable organisation that offers palliative care to the people of Lancashire at their hospice in Lostock Hall, near Preston.


Palliative Care is the total care offered to patients suffering from diseases that have reached the stage where they are treatable but not curable. It is about quality of life and the alleviation of distressing symptoms within the framework of a co-ordinated service.

Palliative Care seeks, primarily, to neither hasten nor postpone death. It provides relief from pain and other distressing symptoms and integrates the psychological and spiritual aspects of care.

In addition it offers a support system to patients and relatives during the patient's illness and in bereavement. Here are some of the supports we offer:


  • Community Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Daycare
  • In-Patient Care
  • Family Support
  • Lymphoedema
  • Chaplaincy


The range of services provided at the Hospice is extensive, yet the provision of care is not just confined to the building itself. What is far less well known is that much of St Catherine's work takes place in people's own homes and so these activities will not only promote health and fitness, but also expand the public's knowledge of the breadth of services that St Catherine's provides. Hopefully, it will also generate some much needed funds to grow these services still further.


Please get involved in the work we do. There are many ways to help ...



  • Donations
  • Events
  • Lottery
  • Shop & Trading
  • Online Shop
  • eBay
  • Corporate
  • Legacies
  • Volunteering


Please visit our website for a full explanation of how we do our work, our fundraising challenges and how we may one day have to help one of your loved ones in the future.


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