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Sales consultants Kennedy Ross Consulting in Preston provide dynamic and results-driven sales training. Business coaching in Preston has never been so fruitful.




Kennedy Ross Consulting is a management and training consultancy. We passionately believe that the best sustainable results in any business happen through your people first.

We understand how people work within an organisation and how to get the best out of them. To this end, Kennedy Ross delivers enjoyable training that produces tangible results which will inspire and transform you and workforce.



Research Shows …

  1. The single biggest reason employees optimise their performance is because of the way they are managed
  2. The single biggest reason why employees do not optimise their performance is because of the way they are managed


Kennedy Ross has unravelled the complexities of people management, teased out the minutiae of performance management, and made practical the concepts of leadership. Once you have completed one of our programmes you will be able to

  • Easily recall what was trained
  • Immediately implement the learning
  • Usefully measure the impact of our training



Bespoke training and development solutions require both empathy and experience; qualities Kennedy Ross Consulting have in abundance.


Kennedy Ross Consulting has written and re-written many sales training courses, and implemented management development and diversity training. We add tangible value through our training solutions.


Our training is available to the public and private sectors as well as to non-sales related SMEs. If your business is customer-facing we can help!


All levels of sales training, from basic courses to advanced National Account Management, are expertly delivered by consultants who have vast experience in delivering sales targets in conceptual and product-based industries.


All telesales, telemarketing and contact centre sales and management training is delivered on site and followed up on site. This has been proven to increase efficiencies and improve performance.


We are veterans of frontline, first and second line management development. Our techniques have improved performance in blue chip organisations through balanced performance management, systems and processes.


Our philosophy remains the same...

It's about inspiring your teams, yourselves and transforming your actions in the future to improve staff retention and optimise your employees' performances.




Kennedy Ross Consulting also deliver a first-class recruitment process for sales, marketing and executive posts, beginning with search and selection through to appointment.


3-Month Mentoring Programmes

Our ability to understand the different roles in your organisation enables us to produce a three-month development plan, guaranteeing the success of our candidates in your environment. This is the period in which both candidate and employer are at their most vulnerable to staff turnover - an issue rarely taken into consideration by other recruitment companies.


Graduate Recruitment

Through pro-active sales and marketing in colleges and universities we can provide you with graduates who will hit the ground running.


Kennedy Ross Consulting have established a vast network of talent readily available - from sales trainees to business leaders; this network is built from years of established connections through various roles within the public and private sectors.




Transformational Leadership - a powerful process of influencing those around you


  • Leadership development
  • Recruiting good leaders
  • Your first 100 days as a leader
  • 'Take a Moment' leadership refresher course


"I have known Alistair for over 30 years and can wholeheartedly endorse him as an exceptionally talented motivator of sales people and their managers. He deploys both emotional intelligence and cutting edge managerial techniques to drive performance through the roof and costs through the floor."
Chris Bruney, Area Sales Manager, British Telecom




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