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EMD Microsystems of Broughton near Preston: computer training, computer systems and software, computer hardware, computer network maintenance - even web design. EMD - for everything IT.



For Everything IT

From a single PC to a wide area network

EMD Microsystems has the solution ...



  • IT Consultancy
  • Hardware & Software
  • Networking
  • EPOS Solutions
  • Maintenance
  • Training & Design
  • Web Design
  • Accessories & Consumables


Leading the Way in Business IT ...


Solutions Tailored To Your Company


IT has revolutionised business - sometimes we wonder how we coped before computers. However, when IT problems bring your business grinding to a halt you tend to wish it had never been invented.

The key to providing efficient IT is a combination of quality equipment, in depth knowledge and fast, effective support. EMD Microsystems has been delivering all three since 1990.


Speaking Your Language


A major criticism of IT companies is their use of 'techie speak'. This leaves clients baffled and frustrated. Many companies don't really care precisely how their IT works, as long as it works! EMD has spent many years developing a client-centred approach which ensures we explain everything in plain English.


  • IT Support and Computer Maintenance
  • Computers
  • Networking
  • IT Support
  • Sage Support
  • Pegasus Support




The perfect tools for the job


From a laptop to EPOS, 'Voice Over' IP to large file servers, EMD Microsystems delivers high quality, robust and reliable hardware at competitive prices.

We supply an exclusive selection of brands, used by the world's top financial institutions, which are renowned for reliability and performance.

We explain the features and end benefits of hardware in a detailed yet client-friendly manner. Whether you have specific requirements or you need advice, our consultative approach will ensure you make an informed choice.




Expert advice from the professionals


Off-the-shelf software should be regarded as an investment. There is a huge choice available and our expert help and advice will prove invaluable when making a decision.

Companies can often struggle with unsuitable software which limits their operational efficiency. Alternatively, they may overspend on software that provides superfluous benefits. EMD will save you money by identifying your core software requirements.

We are a recognised supplier and trainer for Sage and Pegasus accounts, Sage 50 accounts, Pegasus Opera II and Paypoint EPOS software.


Made to measure, whatever your requirements


Sometimes, off-the-shelf software cannot provide the precise function your business requires. Our bespoke software expertise enables companies to enhance administration, production and other functions, and be more productive. The key to providing bespoke software is the ability to solve problems.

We develop made-to-measure, client-friendly software that provides a genuine, performance enhancing solution.




Lower Costs - Increase Productivity


From local to wide area networks (LANs to WANs!) EMD has expert knowledge of IT networking and security. We supply, install and provide training and support on anything from a free standing single server to a multi-server hub.


IT networks enable computers to communicate and share information. From a multi-user printer to high speed multi-site sharing, networking enables businesses to increase their efficiency and performance.

We are experts in virtual private networks (VPNs), which enable authorised computers to log on from anywhere, via the internet.




Integrated Point Of Sale Technology


EMD can provide you with highly sophisticated yet affordable EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems. EPOS integrates with your accounts software to create a complete retail business system giving real-time intelligence enabling you to reduce operating costs, improve communication, efficiency and profit.

EMD supply and install stylish EPOS systems for any kind of location in any kind of commercial environment. Whether you need a single, multiple or linked multi-outlet system, we have the perfect solution for you.




Outsourced 'in-house' IT assistance


Once the ideal software is chosen it is essential that you and your colleagues realise its full potential.

EMD has a proven track record of delivering comprehensive training for all levels of personnel to ensure your team is fully conversant with your software

We provide tailored training sessions and ongoing assistance by telephone, email and face-to-face support.




Comprehensive choice, competitive prices


EMD combines the client service levels of a smaller retailer, with the choice and discounted prices of a large trade supplier.

We supply printers to PDAs as well as motherboards, graphics cards and consumables such as CDs, toner cartridges, and paper. Our 'single source' capability will ensure every aspect of your IT runs like clockwork.

When we say "EMD - For Everything IT", we really do mean everything!




An essential, year-round support service


Things go wrong, which is why you should consider an EMD maintenance contract. We provide a rapid response by phone and if we can't fix the problem immediately, we will send someone to your premises as soon as possible.

We always do our utmost to complete repairs in a timely and hassle-free manner, with minimal disruption and downtime for your company.




Affordable effective web development


EMD provides a host of web services.

  • Design
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Web marketing and search engine optimisation
  • E-commerce
  • Domain registration and hosting
  • Web-enabled databases
  • Database-driven sites
  • Content management systems


With e-commerce, we provide a host of integrated shopping carts, designed to be functional and user-friendly for both customer and seller.

Our web hosting service can support any size website from a single page to a large database driven site. We can support many of the different web technologies including MySQL, ASP, PHP, CGI. Utilising cloud hosting technology our hosting can handle spikes in the traffic to your website without the need to invest in multiple servers.



For Everything IT



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