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Welcome to Cheshire House Bookkeeping Services in Preston, for all your bespoke business accounting needs. A Preston bookkeeping service offering on-site visits to your place of work, remote accessing of your computer or a freepost service, sending your paperwork to our own offices, allowing us to process your accounts and send you free Management reports on completion. Flexibility, choice and frequency of services entirely at your own discretion, allowing you to manage your bookkeeping costs

Cheshire House Bookkeeping


Cheshire House Bookkeeping Services in Preston offer a complete and professional service for all your business needs, whether you are a new business or fully established. We take the time and hassle away from completing your paperwork and accounting and you can rest assured that, here at Cheshire House Bookkeeping services in Preston, we will be keeping your records accurate and up to date.




Cheshire House Bookkeeping in Preston offers a range of bookkeeping services to meet all your requirements, whether just managing your VAT returns, providing the finishing touches before submitting your accounts to your accountant, or supporting your business during periods of sickness and maternity leave, allowing you to focus on building your business.


All of our Preston bookkeepers are qualified to produce accounts to Trial Balance stage, ensuring a precise Audit Trail is in place. The frequency of service we provide is flexible to suit your business; weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual accounting are all options.


We help affluent businesses come to power with their expenditure. 

We offer a complete service for all your business needs.   In a nut shell we are book keepers.  Established in 2003, after completion of a four year, vocational education.

Our family team has grown since this date and our carefully selected book-keepers are specialist in their own right.  Our customers get the added benefit of our teams life long skills.  To name but a few, we are:  Team Leaders, Managers, Customer Care Specialist, Financial Analysts, Foreign Exchange Advisors, Teachers, Bankers, Mortgage Underwriters, Recruitment Specialist and so on………..

Our varied skills make us a bit different from our competitors.  We don’t just provide one service, we provide our customers with many skills that come FREE.

Our mission is to keep businesses thriving in this current economical climate.  How?  Increase the sales and cut the cost.  We all need to keep our fingers on the pulse and tighten our belts. 
We are constantly looking for financial avenues to keep your business moving.   To name but a few, we source ways to: 

1. Increase your sales
2. Increase your bank balance.
3. Reduce your direct cost, that’s simple.  Get all your suppliers to give you early settlement discount.  Don’t settle for anything less than 2.5%.
4. Analyse overheads.  Are you paying too much for your mobiles, utilities, insurance………..the list goes on.
5. Trying to get you the best product at the cheapest price. 
6. Increase your net profit and keep you ahead of the game.

With this goal in mind, your return is:  The Service We Provide, Generally Pays for Itself.  Wow!  You could say that our services eventually become completely FREE.

With every opportunity there comes a challenge.  Cheshire House Book Keeping loves a challenge.  We are sure many of our current customers would agree.
It isn’t our book-keeping skills that have made us successful! It’s the service we provide to customers that gets us success!

Making and Saving.  That’s what makes businesses affluent.

This is just a sample of what we have to offer as part and parcel of our book-keeping services. 
We produce Free detailed comparison reports month on month, year by year so you can Mary, Mary quite contrary watch your business grow.
We aim to save you money this year so you can reap the rewards year on year thereafter.
Are you receiving all these benefits from your current provider?  If yes, Cool. We have some stiff competition ahead of us and we wish them every success. They deserve it.
If  NOT! then perhaps its time you should!

We will value the opportunity to meet with you and we’re willing to earn the right by offering you a free consultation.

  Call 07814 065 043 and ask to speak to Jackie.
Read some of our Clients Testimonials on our website.

Whilst you are there, feel free to browse the range of services we offer.  Just click on Services .
We are flexible with our working methods, we are sure you will find one that suits your needs.  Go to How We Work. On our website

Not what your business needs right now, then, enjoy some of the great benefits we have to offer.  Sign up for our Free Monthly Marketing Strategies, written by Bob Lebuc, It really is quite powerful!   It will help your business, Grow! 
To sign up visit our website and go to Contact Us.  Complete the first four boxes, go to the bottom and press Submit and away you go.   It’s that simple.
Enjoy, and the best of luck.  I will watch out for you on the FTSE 100.

Kind Regards




What services do we offer?


  • Credit control and Debt collection
  • Purchase Ledger Control
  • Sales Ledger control
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Factoring Reconciliation
  • Point of Sale Reconciliation
  • Calculation of Quarterly VAT Returns
  • Analysis and Posting of Petty Cash Payments
  • Management Accounts
  • Nominal Ledger



For further details on any of the above services Cheshire House Bookkeeping in Preston provides, please contact us on :-

07814 065 043 or email


Will Cheshire House Bookkeeping come to my premises?


We endeavour to provide a tailor-made service for each individual client and are willing to come to your business premises if required to input data and produce management accounts . We can take care of your accounting from start to finish or carry out specified bookkeeping and accountancy duties.


Can Cheshire House Bookkeeping remotely access my computer?


Yes, this can be a very efficient and cost effective way of using our services. You just simply send us your paperwork in our FREE pre-paid envelope, then we input your data via our online facility, 'LogMeIn'. Once this is done we will inform you of any findings and on completion, email you FREE Management Accounts.



Will Cheshire House Bookkeeping keep our accounts on their database?


This again is a very cost effective method which utilizes all the benefits of the remote facility and we keep your account on file FREE FROM ADDITIONAL CHARGE.


For more information on these services, call Cheshire House Bookkeeping in Preston on :-


07814 065 043




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