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A look at a recent a campaign to engage local people with local businesses the results were outstanding. Grills Steakhouse restaurant in Pontypridd come out on top.
Restauranteers are travelling from far and wide to challenge for the title of 'King of the Grill'. At Grills Steakhouse Restaurant in Pontypridd. With three defeated challengers the throne to the 'King of the Grill' still remains!
Valentines Day in Pontypridd
Valentines Day in Pontypridd
Stuck for ideas this valentines day? want the special gift that wont break the bank balance?........ The Best of Pontypridd brings you some great ideas as gifts for him, for her and for you both in the evening.
Whats the story behind the worshipful company of butchers? what does this accolade mean? We do a brief research and let you know.
Grills Steakhouse of Pontypridd are quite simply passionate about steak. This blog simply discusses the varying cooking degrees of steaks as advised by Keving of Grills Steakhouse.
A Christmas Sandwich
A Christmas Sandwich
A brief blogg on a festive lunch time treat. Using some great ingredients from local prodce sellers to create a vibrant and tasty sarny. My 'loganberry, Brie and Rocket Bite'
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