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For all your aquatic shop needs visit Bretonside Tropicals of Plymouth.

We have been established since 1976 as an independent retailer, specialising in ornamental tropical fish, cold water fish and fish-keeping equipment including tanks.

At our aquatic shop we take great pride in our reputation for offering a wide choice of equipment and an extensive selection of quality tropical ornamental fish.

At Bretonside Tropicals of Plymouth all our tropical and coldwater fish are quarantined for a minimum of two weeks before being offered for sale.

Our knowledgeable staff  at our aquatic shop advise you on cold water and tropical fish-keeping and on fish tank and equipment too.
We have an extensive selection of community fish tank species and some species for the specialist:-

  • Malawi Cichlids
  • Discus and L Number Plecs
  • Coldwater Fish
  • Goldfish
  • Shubunkins
  • Sarasas (small Koi during the pond season)
  • Fancy goldfish - Orandas, Lionheads, Moors, etc.

We have a large selection of aquarium plants for your fish tank, usually in excess of 30 varieties.Plants items at our aquatic shop:-

  • Carbon dioxide systems for improved plant growth.
  • Fluorite & Eco-Complete plant growth enhancing gravels.
  • Plant fertiliser additives from Tetra, Seachem & API.

Aquarium equipment and accessories for your fish tank at our aquatic shop:-

  • Eheim Internal and External power filters
  • Tetra Internal and External power filters
  • Arcadia Light controls, fluorescent light tubes including new T5 slimline tubes.

Fish tank Aquariums stocked at our aquatic shop:-

  • Juwel - Rekord range and selected models of other ranges.
  • Clear Seal - sizes to 48" x 18" x 15".
  • Reef One - Biorbs & Biube

Opening times for Bretonside Tropicals of Plymouth:

10am - 6pm Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sundays


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