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Will and Probate Service, Market Deeping, Peterborough is the UK’s the most respected estate planners.

59b6732bc6a711569900155bWill and Probate Services, is a paralegal law firm which deals exclusively with the issues that concern clients in later life.

Their core services are will writing and estate planning and over the past ten years, Will and Probate Services have advised thousands of clients and are industry experts.

With their reputation as the most respected estate planners in the country, Will and Probate Services comprises of a team of amazing people, equipped with specialist in-depth knowledge of the matters which concern you most.

With their growing network of franchises, Will and Probate Services aim to be the best-known estate planners in the country.

Will and Probate Services are specialists, focused entirely on later life planning and estate administration. If your needs are greater than a simple will, for instance, if you are unmarried but living together, part of a blended family, or need to protect your assets, then you need Will and Probate Services. Unlike generalist solicitors, Will and Probate Services understand the immense need for planning in this area.

Will and Probate Services recognise that older people can be subject to a wide range of a debilitating condition which can affect them both physically and mentally. It is crucial that individuals and families plan for all eventualities as we grow older. That’s why Will and Probate Services can also help with tailor-made Power of Attorney solutions.

Lasting Powers of Attorney come into force if you lack the capacity to make decisions for yourself during your lifetime. The most common causes of lack of capacity are stroke or dementia. Will and Probate Services can help you plan - Powers of Attorney for your personal welfare and personal finances, both of which allow you to appoint one or more people to deal with your affairs while you are unable to.

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