Oswestry Riding Club
Oswestry Riding Club
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"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Elspeth for her excellent instruction within our recent Clinic. Nev and myself had a great time, and would just like to express how high we thought her teaching standards and experience were. She worked us well, letting us work in ‘open order’ – making us think for ourselves with exercises she gave us to enable our own training plan, while she concentrated on other rider solutions in the school.\r\rAt all times keeping an eye on us working and returning to enhance the exercise or introduce another one.\r\rIt teaches you to think on your own feet, and think ahead, as how you can become a better rider, and therefore produces a better horse, when and wherever you are.\r\rNev and I were well impressed, and thank you again Elspeth, from ourselves and the Club, for your dedication, and kind offer."
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