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Elite Martial Arts: Committed coaches, high level teaching and a good workout.
The club is an asset to the local community. It gives the children who attend confidence and discipliine. Rich who runs the club treats the children who attend confidently and competently. The skills they learn help the kids to physically and mentally approach any barriers in their day to day life.
Recommendation - For getting fit and learning how to defend yourself.
Elite is a very reliable and professional club with a friendly atnmosphere.
Elite is a very professional club with nice people and helps keep you fit and happy.
Great fun for children as well as self-defense and exercise. Richard and all the helpers are fantastic and patient with the little ones.
Very good at building confidence, supporting and training the children. Both my kids enjoy coming and look forward to each session.
Great place for kids to learn mixed martial arts, build their confidence and be part of a team.
Elite Mixed Martial Arts, Oswestry: Great club. Great people.
Excellent. Boosted confidence, behaviour is much better and enjoys coming.
A very well run group. Excellent teaching, good discipline but fair. Builds confidence and an all round fitness regime.
Elite MMA: A really good fun club that keeps you fit and happy.
To get fit and learn how to defend yourself. Committed coaches and high level of teaching.
To echo what others have said, Rich is fantastic. I'm an experienced competitive martial artist and coach so know what I'm talking about when I say that Rich is a great instructor. Not only is he a skilled martial artist, he is a genuinely nice person who teaches in a respectful and supportive way. Elite set a high standard and are a true exemplar in the martial arts world.
I have been doing Martial Arts for many years before coming to this club. It was a complete breath of fresh air! Rich is a fantastic coach and I probably learnt more in a month than I did in 6 years. Great bunch of lads and I am really enjoying martial arts for the first time in ages.I would recommend to everyone. Great to see he has dedicated classes for kids and ladies as well.
As an experienced martial arts instructor I was very pleased with the sessions on offer by Richard at Elite Martial Arts. The class is friendly and welcoming with just the right mix of discipline and fun. The session starts with quite an intense cardio work out, followed by high quality instruction in BJJ and Thai boxing, takedowns are wrestling and judo based practiced in a safe but energetic manner. If you are interested in trying martial arts for the first time, or if like me you have some experience, I would really urge you to visit the classes to see them in action.
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