Woodlands Animal Sanctuary Plea For Help
9th January 2011
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Woodlands Animal Sanctuary needs the publics help to keep open, these cold months have caused us no end of problem.  We are not sure if we can last another year unless we get donations from our important public.  The daily costs of £300 are taking its toll and our need to improve our living areas for all animals is looking more and more a pipe dream.




Without your support, helpless victims like Kitty would not stand a chance.  Kitty was abandoned heavily pregnant and with a severe and untreated eye infection and had to make her home in an old rabbit hole.  Rescued by kind house owners, she came here and gave birth to 6 lovely kitten a few days later.  Our vets were unable to save her eye, so removed it to save her further suffering. Due to he trauma she was not easy to re-home due to her not being very social but thankfully after 8 month of waiting she has now found her forever home   If we had not rescued her, she would have died alone suffering from pain and become just another tragic statistics of a careless throwaway society.




Since many animals that arrive here are ill, abandoned or separated from families, we see it as our duty to make them feel special again.  Some animals have endued the worse abuse imaginable.  So after nurturing them back to health, we spend much of our time trying to re-home, due to ill health or old age.  These special animals will live out there lives with us with dignity.  We also take in many Hedgehogs, we were not originally set up to do this and still do not use the correct incubators, but as the demand was high and no where else took in these beautiful wildlife creatures we commenced our care and came to their aid.




Please make us your New Years resolution and help us continue to make a difference.  You can help in many ways, you could sponsor or re home a pet, setup a standing order or send us a one off donation.  If you are unable to house any of our lovely animals but want to help, why not attend our Spring Ball on Saturday 5th March being held at Southport Convention Centre tickets are £35 including welcome drinks, 3 course meal and coffee, live entertainment and DJ.  This is our main fundraising event of the year and we hope to make it our most successful yet.


Please call now! Our fate is in your hands




Tel 01704 823293              01704 823293      


Website: www.animalsanctuary.org.uk


Emal: info@animalsanctuary.org.uk


Woodlands Farm, Sandy Lane, Holmeswood, L40 1U

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