How to Keep Your Dog & House Smelling Fresh Each Day
16th December 2015
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Whether you have a small or large dog, they can constantly (or occasionally) carry a little or big smell around with them.  Their smell can also build up around the house and whilst we generally get used to it, it’s not so pleasant for visitors.  Some dogs just pong, but others pick up nasty smells from rolling in mess or getting wet whilst out walking or playing in the park.

So, how do we freshen up our pooch? What can we do with them each day to reduce the smells on them and around our homes?

A Good Wipe Down – Each day it’s worth wiping your dog down using baby wipes.  You can get wipes specifically for dogs, but baby wipes do just as well and as they’re sensitive enough to make contact with a baby’s skin, they won’t cause your dog any issues.  Even if you don’t allow your dog to run free to pick up smells and take them on a gentle walk instead, a wipe down will still cut down the smells.  Sometimes they pick up a smell when they do their business, so definitely advisable to keep the baby wipes to hand each day.

Fruits & Vegetables – Be aware that some fruits and vegetables are toxic for dogs, but an introduction of some vegetables and fruits into the dog’s diet that are not toxic to them, will reduce any bad breath issues they have. 

A Good Brush – Brushing your dog regularly will remove excess hairs that carry smells and older odours.  They’ll enjoy the process of being brushed.  Grooming is a great way to bond with your dog.

Teeth Brushing – This is not an easy one, some dogs do not like this at all, but it’s worth a try to see if you can brush their teeth.  Not only is it good for their teeth, mouth and gums, it is also a good way to reduce the smell of their breath.

Washing Dogs Bedding – A nice squidgy soft bed is great for the dog, they love to curl up in there and sleep for hours.  However, the build up of their scents permeate into the bed and it becomes very smelly.  Also, because the bed is smelly, the smell transfers back onto the dog etc.  If you have nice big foam filled beds for your dog, they are difficult to wash regularly, so it’s worth covering them with an old sheet or quilt cover.  This way, the sheet or quilt cover can be removed and washed frequently.  This will really reduce the smells from the bed and believe or not, the dog also smells a little fresher too.

Bathing the Dog – Again, this is not an easy one as many dogs don’t like being bathed and in a home environment their reluctance to stay in the bath or shower can cause devastating messes in the bathroom and around the house as they shake water around.  Another option for getting your dog bathed is to take them to the grooming parlour.  They will be extremely experienced at bathing dogs and, in addition, they have blaster dryers to get the dog nice and dry before he or she returns home.


If your dog doesn’t shed fur and their hair grows excessively, it’s well worth taking them to see the team at Canine Cuts Dog Grooming who serving the Haverleigh and Okehampton area.  They will also be able to advise you on ways to reduce dog odours, but a good groom, bath and cut will certainly go a long way.

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