Nottingham's Broadmarsh sold to CSC
11th November 2011
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Interesting to hear the news that Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Centre has been sold just before the refurbishing was about to begin.

The deal is said to of cost £55m and has resulted in Capital Shopping Centres who made the purchase, now owning both the Victoria Centre and now the Broadmarsh Centre. This presents an unusual situation and makes me wonder how this situation will affect the re-development of both centres in the City.

There is also the question also of how any new development plan will affect high street retailers and local independents. How are they going to ensure a seamless flow from the Shopping Centre to the outside space and high street? The Leicester High Cross Shopping Centre is a great example, with restaurants and outside space flowing onto the high street and vice versa.

The positive thinking would be that both centres may no longer be chasing the same big retailers which may result in two different shopping experiences. It would be great to see a different offering, rather than two shopping centres that essentially repeat themselves.

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