Hard Times on the High Street - Are Businesses Open to Change?
22nd June 2011
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There have been a series of high-profile retail failures during the past few weeks, as many retailers are suffering because of economic conditions that have left consumers squeezed and unable to spend.

But there are other factors that have also played a part in another wave of high street failure. Aside from the economic situation, technology is playing a major part in retailers' performance with companies such as HMV and Blockbuster forced into difficulties because of the way we now shop through online transactions and some businesses are badly run, hence their demise.

Not all retailers are blind and some such as WH Smith have reinvented themselves over the last few years from an aging dinosaur to a much more sleek and vibrant retailer on the high street who is now looking to expand.

Change is good and while retailers are predominantly at the forefront of changing fashions and business models, some simply do not have the business acumen to accept that the world we live in is changing and shopping habits are changing too.

The unique position "thebestof" businesses are in is truly a great place for such a challenging market place. There has never been a better time to truly differentiate your business from your competitors and "thebestof" clearly defines that.

As customers research the internet before making purchases in a fast growing trend, testimonials are the most powerful pull for a purchaser.

If you know a great business that you would recommend in Nottingham or you are a business owner looking to grow their business and open to change then drop us an email nottingham@thebestof.co.uk


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