Are you thinking like an Olympic Athlete?
10th September 2012
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The Summer is all but over but the buzz from the amazing sporting achievements in the Olympics and Paralympics will continue for years to come.

There are definitely many lessons to be learned for business owners from our great athletes but there is one simple lesson that you can apply to your business today and get instant results.... Winner thinking.

Physical capability in sport is important too of course but to win medals for your country you HAVE to think the right way. Winner thinking is about having the right attitude and commitment but most of all the ambition and self belief that you can do amazing things and achieve amazing results.

I do believe that almost anything is possible in life and in business if you have clearly defined goals and the right mental state. Simply put, think of a road map and you want to get from point A to point B. Make point B the place you have always dreamed of and get going. The difference then between you and all the average business owners will be your ability to find a new route when you hit a road block and your winner thinking that will stop the self doubt.

Average business owners tend to give up trying to get to point B, loose sight of their original dreams and aspirations and settle for somewhere half way in between. Don't become someone in the crowd, think like a winner!

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