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Press For Attention PR Ltd at the Innovation Centre Nottingham is a professional and effective PR Agency.


Press For Attention PR specialises in public relations for EXPERTS. We are on a mission to help tell 2020 stories by 2020 BECAUSE… We believe ANYONE should be able to tell their story.

Quite simply, we think that PR is ‘broken’. It appears out of reach for so many businesses but it does not need to be like this.

Established in 2008, Press For Attention PR’s founder, Greg Simpson, had spent the previous decade announcing the business news to the regional and national press or receiving it as a former journalist.

He had worked for FTSE 100 firms, charities and start-ups and conducted press conferences with Sir Richard Branson and James Caan.

As well as being a former journalist, Greg has been a marketing manager for a £60m business, which is now a long-standing client of the agency and is the author of The Small Business Guide To PR.

This background ensures a deep understanding of every facet of a successful PR campaign – from a journalist’s, client’s and consultant’s perspective.

Since we started out nearly a decade ago, we have listened to a lot of people - clients, customers and journalists. We’ve also been in these roles prior to setting up the agency, so we know what works for all parties.

Budgets, strategies and tactics vary hugely and should always be tailored to what you need, not what we or any other PR consultancy dictates.

Not everyone wants a retainer. We understand this. So, we’ve created three different approaches – “PR Warehouse” “PR Project“ and “PR Boutique”.

PR Warehouse allows you to buy our most popular solutions off the shelf as and when you need them.

PR Project is a specific campaign, over a fixed period, covering your key goals.

PR Boutique is a tailored, long-term approach, fusing strategic PR consultancy with proven tactics to deliver maximum ROI for you.

We've helped to tell more than 5000 stories, maybe our next one will be yours...

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Member of the Top 1%