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If you have searched unsuccessfully for a specialist to help improve uncomfortable or unbearable joint or muscular pains try Body Flow Osteopathy of Norwich. Osteopath Joelle Fordham takes the time for a detailed consultation to look for the cause of the problem and will then treat the surrounding joints, muscles and tissues as well as the symptomatic area, providing longer lasting pain relief. Joelle offers a range of osteopathic treatments, including the gentle cranial osteopathy, and works with people of all ages to help them regain a feeling of control over their lives and achieve maximum physical and all-round wellbeing. She is also a specialist in small animal osteopathy.

It’s a fact that vast numbers of people in the UK suffer from back pain and other structural body pains. Numerous working days are lost to back and joint problems and in any one year up to half the adult population will have back pain.

But whilst it may be common, it is less common to be able to find someone who can actually put their finger on the cause of the problem and help to solve it.

The underlying causes can be complex and GPs have limited time and means to address the issues. Joelle Fordham of Body Flow Osteopathy is a highly experienced practitioner and can provide you with the time and expertise to solve your joint pain problems.

Osteopaths believe that for the body to function well the structure must work well. When one part of the body is restricted the rest adapts and compensates leading to inflammation of that particular area causing pain, stiffness and discomfort. Using a wide range of techniques, like joint manipulation, stretching and deep tissue massage only to name a few, Body Flow Osteopathy will help improve the way your body functions to relieve pain and muscle tension.  

Joelle, the owner, graduated with a master degree in osteopathy and her prize-winning dissertation was subsequently chosen for presentation at the Chiropractic, Osteopathy & Physiotherapy annual conference.

Body Flow Osteopathy offers structural, cranial and visceral osteopathy to alleviate a wide range of problems from back and neck pain, all joint problems, sports injuries, repetitive strain injury, arthritic pain, circulation and digestive problems to headaches, sciatica and muscle spasm and tension.

Body Flow Osteopathy aims to enhance clients’ lives through easing or eradicating their pain symptoms. They provide an excellent standard of care and service and ensure that you are treated with respect and given the time you need to discuss your health issues at all times.

Based in the 24/7 Fitness on Norwiich's Riverside, the location is not only central, with easier access by car, train or within walking distance from most of teh city offices. Visiting your osteopath here is not like a visit to hospital – everything here is designed to help you relax and feel comfortable.

Evening and Saturday appointments are available and emergency and walk-in appointments are often also available.

Joelle is fully insured and registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), the British Osteopathic Assoiation (BOA) and is a member of Back Care. She is also registered with multiple private insurance companies.

Body Flow Osteopathy can also offer osteopathy to small pets. Osteopathy for animals is increasingly recognised as helpful in relieving joint problems in animals as well as humans, and animals may be referred by vets or their owners can book direct (with their vet's permission).

 Body Flow Osteopathy also offer a corporate scheme offering onsite, discounted treatments for employees using a spare office or conference room. This scheme is great for medium to large businesses and aims to reduce absenteeism related to musculo-skeletal problems.

So if you are suffering and thought there was nothing that could be done for your aches & pains give Body Flow Osteopathy a go you may well soon be jumping for joy…

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