St Mary's Nursery Pre-School
  • The Old Catholic Club Building
    St Mary's 1st School Yard
    NE46 2EE
St Mary's Nursery Hexham, pre-school for the children of the Hexham area, Northumberland

St Mary’s Nursery Pre-school Hexham, Northumberland

The first thing you will notice when you visit St Mary’s Nursery Pre-school in Hexham is the spacious and child friendly environment. We are based in the school yard of St Mary’s 1st School Hexham.

We have the best facilities indoor and out to ensure your child reaches their full potential during their time in our pre-school class.

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St Mary’s Nursery is now Organic during the school holidays with the view to becoming fulltime Organic in the near future.  All our meat produce is from local Organic suppliers.  We place a high emphasis upon quality and ethics, just as we do in implementing our policies across our setting, our other foods are of ethical origin and  we buy fair-trade wherever possible


Our accommodation in Hexham enables us to run our pre-school classes and day-care separately although many children enjoy integrated wrap around childcare and early education.

All St Mary’s Nursery pre-school staff are qualified nursery nurses who receive up-to-date training.

Children attending the St Mary’s Nursery’s Hexham Pre-school class participate in the ‘Foundation Stage’ curriculum which covers the following six areas of learning:

Personal, social and emotional development
Mathematical development
Communication, language and literacy development
Knowledge and understanding of the world development
Physical development
Creative development

In 2004 Ofsted inspected St Mary’s Nursery Pre-school Hexham and all 6 areas were graded as ‘very good’

Children attending our pre-school classes have the added bonus of extra curricular activities such as French or dance classes.

St Mary’s Nursery Pre-school has excellent working links with the on–site reception class and we have joint activity days.

St Mary’s Nursery Hexham Pre-school classes are open during term time only at the following times:
Monday – Friday 9am till 11.30am
Monday – Friday 12.30pm till 3pm

For more details or to enrol your child in a class at St Mary’s Nursery Pre-school please telephone 01434 608723

For details of all our provision contact

St Mary’s Nursery Pre-School
The Old Catholic Club Building
St Mary’s 1st School Yard
Hexham, Northumberland
(01434) 608723

Please mention thebestof Northumberland when contacting for pre-school classes

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