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when I leave the shop I often leave it inspired as it has a wide range of books and as a foreigner the owners always try to get books for me I have read in my mothertongue, also they give good advive and are friendly but quiet so feel not forced to buy anything
Walk into Cogito books and itʼs like youʼre in another world - a step back in time to a world of calm and civilization, with soothing music playing and comfortable settees. The service is personalised and unhurried; suggestions are offered showing good old-fashioned knowledge of, and interest in, the subject area. I particularly enjoy browsing the "must read" section behind the counter, usually concluding that I must read all of them, and the wonderful selection of books of local interest by local authors. Pip E
I always come out of this shop feeling good. There is a great selection of books and polite and knowledgable assistance. It has a slightly eccentric air which is a refreshing change from the monotony of the chains. I enjoy their cards too. Mary M
Always very helpful staff. Easy to find books. Will look up and order any requests and notify when available in the shop. My husband finds the CD selection useful. Also impressed how local authors are supported and promoted. Their commitment to the local literary festival excellent.
Always helpful and happy to find a required book even if the book is out of print. Friendly and efficient service
This is a fabulous bookshop. Excellent and knowledgeable customer service, a great selection of books for all age groups and a comfortable and welcoming environment. Definitely deserving of all the acclaim itʼs received recently.
"The service they give is excellant . If a book is not in stock they get it very quickly. ,even sourcing 2nd hand if necessary. Brilliant shop , very friendly, very cosy environment." Pat L. {Entered by thebestofnorthumberland}
What a lovely little bookshop this is! My children could probably spend all day here and I get the feeling this wouldnʼt actually be a problem! The atmosphere is welcoming and I felt quite happy sitting on the floor next to my daughter as we browsed through LOTS of different books in the childrenʼs section before finally making the all important choice. Meanwhile, my son was more than comfortable on the sofa, contemplating just which dinosuar book had the best information. This is exactly what you want from a bookshop and, when we finally did get to the till, the friendly service did not disappoint. Oh, and I mustnʼt forget, theyʼve got lots of good books too!!
The customer service in this shop is second to none. The lady is very helpful and courteous. I love this shop.
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