Video Editing for Beginners: Tips for Preparing Video Fragments
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Since video editing is a laborious business, you often have to face various problems.

For example, it is advisable to prepare video files in advance so that the work is easier and faster. I will explain how to do this.

But first, you need a good video editor. We advise you to try Simpleshow Video Maker. It is simple and convenient to use and, moreover, multifunctional.


Cutting video

It often happens that you only need a small piece of video footage. And if the video itself is not long, then you can pull out the excerpt directly in the editing software. But what to do if you need a fragment from a full-length picture or you filmed your material without turning off the camera throughout the entire process, and the video came out very long. In this case, it will be inconvenient to search for the frames you need in the video editor itself, and in general this is an extra load on the program. Then it is worth preparing the excerpts in advance, with which, by the way, it will be more convenient to work.

After you open the program, drag and drop the video file you need into it. Below you will see the entire timing. Mark the section you want with the start and end markers, or indicate the start and end times below. It is worth taking a few seconds before the excerpt. Next, and this is very important, move the marker from the top above the timing to the area of ​​your chosen passage. Now all that remains is to save the fragment. This can be done using the button next to the timecode fields or through the context menus at the top.



Some programs require certain video formats, such as MPEG-4. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to use Simplehow Video Maker.


It's simple: open a film studio, drag and drop a video file, then click on the context menu: Save movie - Recommended for this project, then choose a path and name your file.


These tips will help you quickly resolve the difficulties that have arisen when working with video files, without disrupting the pace of your work.

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