Useful Features of VPN for UK Internet Users
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Features Of VPN Apps for the UK Users

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of cybersecurity these days. That’s why it is absolutely nothing surprising in the fact that the VPN industry is growing rapidly as well. UK Internet users can find a lot of new virtual private network service providers on the market, with their pros and cons.

When you check the official website of any VPN provider, you can see that each solution is just incredible and leaves its competitors far behind. So, which VPN is best for the UK? How can you know what company provides good quality? Take some time to research the available options. This list of useful features will come in handy.

Military-grade encryption

Strong and powerful encryption is a must-have for all top-rated VPNs. If your app can’t guarantee you a military-grade, there is a chance your Internet Service Provider or local authorities could track the websites that you visit and your online activities overall. Not to mention scammers or hackers that are waiting for the right moment to steal vulnerable data from you when you’re connected to the public Wi-Fi, for example, from a coffee shop.

Pay attention to VPN features that are intended to help you stay secure, e.g. the automatic public Wi-Fi security, the Kill Switch, the 256-bit encryption, etc.

Reliable Protocols

When you install a good VPN like VeePN, it should provide you with the ability to connect to servers using the most secure protocols out there. It can be OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, SSTP, SoftEther, etc.

Actually, it doesn’t hurt if you download the app that lets you less-secure VPN. It depends on your goals. For example, if you just need to quickly unblock content while you’re outside the UK, you can install a trial. It is a free version of the product that allows you to understand the main features of the product. Once you install the software, you can connect to the server and check your IP address to ensure your real data is hidden. Remember though that the stronger you encryption is, the likelier it is your speeds might slow down a bit. It is not guaranteed to happen, but take this fact into account.

DNS leak prevention

If it is your first time and you don’t know what are the features of a VPN, you may not be familiar with DNS leaks. DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is used to translate domain names into IP addresses, which are understandable for the computer.

As a result, when your VPN doesn’t have leak prevention, your Internet Service Provider (as well as other eavesdroppers) tracks your online activity. It makes you check IP all the time, and doesn’t let you enjoy the content you access.

So, when you’re looking for the decent VPN software, choose the provider with DNS leak protection.

Kill Switch

Speaking about your security, there is one more aspect to consider. The Kill Switch is a tool that protects you even when a VPN server drops. It is one of the most necessary features of VPN providers since it doesn’t let you be accidentally exposed online.

No matter the reason, if there are some connectivity issues to a server, you need an internet protocol check to ensure your real IP and online activity are not uncovered. With this tool, all your traffic is stopped, and you have the opportunity to reconnect to the other server.

For some UK users, it sounds like a hassle, but it can be a really smart way to ensure your personal data is really protected.

Multiple Device Support

If you don’t want to worry about which device to use when you’re surfing online, just ensure that your VPN provider has multiple device support.

With this internet protocol check feature, you can have all your devices protected at the same time. You don’t need to create several accounts for a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, game console, etc. The more simultaneous connections your provider allows, the better this product is for you.

It can also be useful when you have different operating systems since you don’t have to look for various providers that work with iOS or Android only.

Shared IP Addresses

Don’t choose the VPN provider that offers dedicated IP addresses since they can be linked back to your device with the internet protocol check.

When it comes to a shared IP address, it is used by various VPN users. Some of them might be in the UK just like you, while others are located abroad, which makes it impossible to track your online activities with your person.

The interesting fact is that dedicated IP addresses are usually more expensive than shared ones. It means you kill two birds with one stone: protect your connection and save your money. With a good VPN, you don’t have to worry about “what is my IP right now?”, you just use this software without any troubles.

High-speed Servers

It goes without saying that when you’re wondering “what's the best VPN?”, you want to find software that offers high-speed servers. Yes, there may be some drops because of security measures, but overall you need a smooth experience. Especially when you are not ready to check “what is my IP” each hour, and just want to enjoy streaming content.

As an added bonus, providers like VeePN offer unlimited bandwidth, so browsing is available at light speed, regardless of your current location.

Server Switching Without Limits

If you check IP and decide to change your virtual location, it is really possible. The only aspect is necessary: a reliable VPN provider. The more servers in various countries and regions it provides, the more opportunities you have.

What is the best country to set your VPN too? The answer depends on your goals. For example, if you’re travelling abroad and want to unblock content that is available for the UK only, you should choose one of the UK servers. And if you need to access content from other countries, just switch servers in one click. You can also let the app find the best option just for you, according to your current location and to the servers’ load at the moment.

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