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Had my son for an appointment on 24/08/18. Was disgusted with the state of the waiting area, and horrified with the cleanliness and hygiene of the treatment room. Floor filthy with staining and debris, chair sticky and bin overflowing with rubbish. She did not wash her hands between seeing my son and the previous patient, nor did she wash them for the next patient. A health hazard given the nature of her profession!! She sold me a pair of insoles for £50 (plus £25 appointment fee) same pair available online for £12.99. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS.
Roisin is very gentle when treating your foot problems, at least that is what I have found in my experience. Some of the implements look scary but roisin soon allays any fears you may have. Moreover she offers a discreet and confidential service putting her clients first.
I had a painful corn under a toe-nail that Roisin removed after just two visits. That was twenty years ago! I was alarmed when I saw her approach me with a scalpel of some kind but I needn't have feared - Roisin is very gentle! Then I broke two small toes which she supported with much-needed splints. I know she'll sort out my next problem of a fallen arch. She's very enthusiastic about her work and any developments that occur therein. She keeps constantly updated with current treatments, no outmoded practice would do...
I suffered in my twenties with a corn under the toe nail caused by just ONE pair of boots that were slightly too tight around the toes. Roisin got rid of the pain within minutes by removing the excess skin that had built up thus removing the pressure within minutes. I must admit i was a little unnerved when I saw some sort of scalpel appear to tackle the problem! It didn't hurt and I only paid Roisin one more visit 6 months later to resolve the problem. That was 20 years ago! Then I broke two little toes and Roisin again came to the rescue with supportive splints. Roisin is very gentle and will go easy on your feet! I'm hoping that she can shed some light on my next problem - a fallen arch.... Siobhan F
Roisin is a really nice person to go to for all your foot problems!. She has a lovely personality & explains things very clearly. If you have any problems with your feet - you should definitely pay her a visit, your feet really will feel a whole lot better after seeing her.
Roisin is great. I remember the first time I went to her, she put me at ease and sorted my problems out there and then. In my opinion, she doesnʼt charge nearly enough for the service she provides - money wouldnʼt pay me to touch other peopleʼs feet! All I can say is that if you have a foot problem, Roisin will sort it out for you. Donʼt suffer for a minute longer than you have to!
Was so surprised that after visiting roisin my feet troubles were a thing of the past! Within a week everything was gone! Definately reccamended to everyone who experiences problems with their feet. no need for the chemist creams and things like that, Roisin will fix it !! A happy customer!!
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