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Holistic Therapist in Newry and Mourne


If you are looking for  skilled professionals who provide a holistic approach to your health and well being, then Paula and Louise, both Holistic Therapists at 'Profile' in Newry and Mourne are the people to visit. 



Paula is the proprietor of  Profile,  she has had her holistic clinic up and running in Newry and Mourne for over 10 years.  Both she and Louise are fully trained and highly skilled in holistic therapies and provide a friendly 'hands on' approach to all their clients.



              holistic therapist and holistic treatments in newry and mourne  

The following holistic treatments are available at Profile in Newry and Mourne:-



Shiatsu is a Japanese/Chinese healing therapy that seeks to create wholeness of self.  This treatment uses thumb, palm and foot pressure on the body's energy channels and acupressure points to activate the client's own natural healing abilities.

This treatment can be effective in treating a wide range of ailments.

Treatment is carried out on a futon and the client is fully clothed.







Reflexology is a treatment based on reflex points and zones in the feet and hands that correspond to various parts of the body, including the glands and organs.

Stimulating these points on the feet or hands aids in the prevention of ill health and maintains well-being by encouraging the body to heal itself wherever the problem is found.






Reiki Healing Therapy

Reiki's roots lie in eastern tradition and have been passed on by teacher to student. It involves the challenging of universal energy with the recipient's genetic energy.

it is far more than treatment - it can be viewed as a way of life. It is a highly capable and potent energy, powerful enough to penetrate personal trauma and fill any void.

Reiki is used in Profile Clinic to aid other therapies







Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage uses a combination of massage and pressure therapy that penetrates very deeply to ease sinus, muscular and joint pain. This treatment is used in India to combat hair loss caused by tension, illness, poor circulation and ageing. Regular treatments can also reduce stress and improve overall health .







Therapeutic Massage

Body massage is used in this treatment to maintain physical health and well-being as well as induce relaxation. It has become more popular as people have become more aware of the need to counteract stress.


Types of Therapeutic Techniques :

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Pressure Point Therapy
  • Touch Therapy


All therapies provide manual manipulation of deep body tissues, which produce beneficial effects on the muscular, vascular and nervous systems of the body.


Full Body £40

Half Body £37

Full back & Head £27

Neck & Shoulders £20



          holistic therapist and holistic therapies in newry and mourne  



Aromatherapy Massage

This therapy is the most effective way of introducing essential oils into the body and is known to benefit both physical and psychological problems.

Stress causes suppression of the immune system and this treatment is an excellent antidote, maintaining balance between the nervous system and the internal organs of the body.



Full Body £40

Half Body £37

Full back & Head £27

Neck & Shoulders £20



        holistic therapist  and holistic approach in newry and mourne  


Pregnancy & Labour Body Work

It is widely known that regular treatment during pregnancy is a calming and safe way to enjoy your body and connect with your baby.  Treatments can help relieve back pain, nausea, heartburn, anxiety and other symptoms, and will prepare you for an easier labour and more rapid recovery time.  Beginning treatments in the fourth month will provide optimum support. 



Child & Baby Therapy Treatments

In addition to nurturing the bond with your baby,  these treatments carried out by the Holistic Therapist are highly beneficial in helping to ease some medical conditions ranging from teething in small babies right through to hayfever or asthma  or indeed any number of common ailments that children can be exposed to.  


Baby Therapy

per session £18

3 sessions £50

6 sessions £100


Child Therapy

per session £20

3 sessions £55

6 sessions £115





Consultations are available by appointment. The fee is deducted when treatment is initiated.

Price £10


So, if you want to:


  • Escape from the hustle and bustle of life for a little while
  • Indulge in a little bit of 'me time'
  • Recharge your batteries  ...


... And feel a whole lot better for it ...


Then, pay 'Profile' in Newry and Mourne a visit where you let your stress and worries ebb away.

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