"Summer at Wimbledon" - Friday Fun courtesy of Comedienne and Poet Jan Jack
2nd July 2010
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On behalf of The Best of Newbury, I'm very pleased to be able to introduce some ligh hearted verse by local comedienne and poet Jan Jack. 

Jan has been a great guest speaker at one of our recent networking events and was thoroughly entertaining and warmly recieved by all those in attendance. 

Jan will be a regular contributor to our Friday Blog page as a bit of light hearted fun to end the week and for us all to enjoy. So please read on, do forward this page link for others to enjoy and keep a look out on our Blog page for more of Jan's creative verse.


Summer at Wimbledon by Jan Jack


 It’s Wimbledon again, I’m feeling anxious, very fraught,

The pressure’s on, it always is, right here on Centre Court,

The linesman has a guide dog and the umpire’s ninety three,

My opponent’s using gamesmanship; he's really bothering me,

He queries almost everything; we’re stuck again at deuce,

The umpire is agreeing!  What’s all this? The man’s obtuse,

There have been some daft decisions, and some very dodgy calls,

If he carries on, it won’t be me who needs some brand new balls,

And now it’s getting cloudy, yes, I thought so, here’s, the rain,

It seems that we’ll be heading to the changing rooms again, 

I’m thinking things can’t get much worse and then, to my chagrin, 

As we start to leave the Court, oh no, Cliff Richard starts to sing..



©Jan Jack 2010


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