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30th September 2008
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We have just changed the desserts menu at La Parilla on SA1 to include one of my all time favourite desserts - Tiramisu. Nobody makes Tiramisu like Sian. If you don't believe take a look at our blog site to see pictures of Sian's tiramisu. It tastes as good as it looks.

It a strange experience for us supplying desserts to a restaurant and not direct to the customer. You often wonder how they are being presented. In a busy restaurant such as La Parilla do the staff have the time to present the desserts correctly? In our patisserie, feedback is instant. You can hear the customers licking their lips. Whats it like in a busy restaurant at night? Is the taste of the dessert masked by the taste of the wine.? Do they still have the WOW factor? The manager of the Bluebell Hotel in Neath for example has decided that our desserts are too expensive for their clientele and you begin to doubt yourself as to whether people are still looking for quality and are prepared to pay for it. The Bluebell have decided to go with desserts at 70p per portion - one step up from the frozen macro cheesecake. Apparently people in Neath won't pay for quality but people in Swansea will. La Parilla do and this is a copy of an email we had yesterday which suggests that people in Llanelli will as well.

The email was headed "Your lush desserts"

Hi Sian,

Our family had lunch at La Parilla yesterday and finished our meal with your fantastic desserts. The boss was kind enough to tell me they were your creations.

When we got home we logged onto your web-site and I was amazed at what I saw there. Are your desserts for sale to Joe Public like me and how much would they cost? I like the look of your takeaway menus and will try the duck recipe on the weekend.

Thanks again. Superb!

Signed Mr Williams (Llanelli)

Its great to get feedback. This particular one really cheered us both up. People in Neath and people in Swansea and people in Llanelli will pay for quality providing it is quality. And when it comes to desserts are aren't any better than La Creme in South Wales.

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