Your Life, your Style!
3rd July 2008
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I am sure you are all familiar with the term 'Lifestyle Photography', but what does it actually mean?

Most of you will have seen some samples of lifestyle photographs hanging on other peoples walls if you haven't had had them done yourselves. Usually, they will have been taken in a studio against a white background, and there is nothing wrong with them, but can they really be called lifestyle? If your life consists of sitting in a white studio, then maybe they can.

Here at Affirmation Photography, I really believe that your lifestyle photography should be what it implies. Love the beach, then let's do your photographs there. Mad about mountains? Passionate about pets? New addition to the family? Family party?

Whatever you love, whatever the occasion, why not have true lifestyle photography that you will be proud of. Prices start at only £75, and you will get 10 8x6 prints to keep included in the price. I know that you may get cheaper photography from a studio initially, but more often than not, you will get only one ''complimentry' photograph then have to pay for each additional image which adds up to a lot more than £75! (Ask anyone who has been to Venture!)

For your favourite image, why not have a canvas, acrylic or blockmount for something extra special?

If you mention thebestof when booking, you will qualify for a free 10x8 enlargement of your choice.

Bye for now, hope to hear from you soon


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