Viv Date Carpets coming into the 21st Century
7th June 2008
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I am so pleased for Viv Date of Viv Date Carpets in Pontardawe just outside Neath. I have know Viv for a few years as we are both members at Pontardawe Golf Club. I approached him 18 months ago to be part of The Best of Neath and after talking with Viv, he decided to go ahead remembering he was only the Best of' Neath's 5th member. Viv's only presence on the internet was through The Best of Neath's feature and since then he has had lots of new business and a significant increase of business from the Neath area.

What I am so pleased about is that Viv Date Carpets now have an email address which has only been active 10 days. Viv is having a new website built by Web3 Web Designs a member of The Best of Neath and also to have the content written by a professional copywriter Juliet Faye, also on The Best of Neath.

Within three days of Viv having an email address he has already had an order through the email which infact was from someone in Swindon who has a property in this area. The contract, which was fitted last Tuesday has now paid for the website in less than a week.

Welcome Viv Date Carpets to the 2st Century!!!!!

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