Talk to Me. I am Not Scary!
20th July 2008
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From the earliest moments in the life of Affirmation Photography: in fact, before I even had a name, my primary concern was to offer a professional yet PERSONAL service. Please take note of the emphasis PERSONAL.

There is only one thing stopping me doing that...

...the customer!

Strange, but true. As a wedding photographer I believe that every one deserves quality photographs. This is the way I work rather than limiting couples to chosing from one of three packages.

I offer a free consultation where we can meet over coffee and cake, take a look at some samples, have a chat about your day, what you like, what you don't like etc. Then I can give a realistic price. We can even chat over the phone, but what I can't do, is provide a quote from an email that says 'I am getting married, how much for photos?' with no contact details other than the email used. Quite often, the email that is used belongs to a work address so will get chewed up by spam filters. I would hate for potential customers to think that I haven't bothered to get back to them. (On the prices section of my site, it does say that I don't limit you to set packages).

I am a lovely person to talk to (even if I say so myself!) so don't be scared to pick up the phone or send me a telephone number to contact you on. Please, if you are giving me a mobile number, make sure it is the right one. I have lost count of the number of times I get 'you have dialled incorrectly, please try again'. And yes, I do try again, and again...

I would love to chat to you about your wedding, give you a personalised price and hopefully be your wedding photographer on your big day! If you don't book with Affirmation Photography, you haven't lost anything. On the other hand, if you do, you know that you are getting the completely professional yet personal service that you deserve!

Speak to you soon!


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