Referrals - Do you ask the question?
11th June 2008
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The life blood of any small business is finding new quality business. Referrals are the simplest, cheapest way of generating new business. There is one problem though. You have to ask. When you are talking with existing customers do you ever ask the question, who else do you know who could use my services/products? They could always say NO but they could keep you in mind as they have already used you. Another way of generating referal business leads is to either join a referral networking group something like BNI or place yourself in a room with 50-60 other like minded businesses and talk. You will be suprised how many people out there can help your business just by talking. Someone might ask you a question as it happened to me today, I need new business cards. I gave them my card and said what do you think? He said I already have your card. I said what do you think of the quality. He was impressed and I know a man who does great design work and business cards. I have now passsed that referral on Mike of Spring Creative Design a member of the Best of Neath. People like Mike and I are fortunate. He is a BNI member like me but he is also a member of The Best of Neath. We are fortunate to have such a wealth of businesses to refer work onto us through various sources. What do you do to find new business?
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