La Creme Patisserie's Moldova Expansion
9th July 2008
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Isn't it amazing who sees your products on the internet?

The first email we received this year was from an organisation in New York who were hosting a chocolate exhibition above Maceys over Valentines weekend and they were emailing to ask for permission to use one of our cake images as the logo for the event. When you think of all the cake images on the internet - why did they choose ours?

Our website averages over 2,500 unique visitors per month and our blog site another 500. We also use You Tube to host videos of our products and we have 12 videos listed so far. For pictures of our cakes we share our images on Flickr. If you would like to see the cake used for the New York exhibtion then follow this link to Flickr.

The exposure we get over the internet is huge. This week we have had enquires for our products from various sources but the most incredible enquiry came this morning. A company in the capital city of the Republic of Moldova has emailed to ask "if they can work in cooperation with our company to distribute our products on Moldovan territory".

I know what you are thinking - Moldova - made up name. Isn't that the made up country in the Princess Diaries film? Well I've looked it up on Wikepedia and it exists. Take a look for yourself.

The chances are its a wind up. Its certainly a long way to transport our cakes.

But who knows, if there's a McDonalds or a Starbucks why can't there some day be a La Creme.

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