Enjoy the garden this month
27th June 2009
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With the evenings getting longer and brighter during July, you will want to make use of and enjoy the garden this month. If you have a patio and it is well planned and planted, it’ll be a great extension to your home. 
July is a busy month in the garden with many tasks to occupy any gardener, from cutting the lawn regularly to hoeing the vegetable plot and borders - and perhaps picking your first fruits!

This month is also great for planting both perenniels and annuals experiment with the following plants by using them in pots and in borders.
With the sun blazing down - your home also becomes a focus. 
From changing room colours to reflect your mood, or just brightening up areas, now is the ideal time to get those jobs done.  For a professional service, give us a call for a free quote, we don't mine how the small the job is - just give us a ring.
If you book us in July we will supply all the white gloss free of charge.
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