Do You Have a Website for Your Business?
7th September 2008
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You might here me go on about how you must have a website for your business. How many of us have tried making our own websites? How many times have I heard, I don't get any new business from my website. The simple reason is that like all marketing and promotional material, it is only good if people find it and read it. With a website it must be found. The only way people will find your website if they don't know the actual address is through a search engine like Google. To get your website ranked by the search engines you must get it developed by a web designer who knows how to build a website that optimises the search engines and builds it to national standards, something you can't do at home.

How can you be sure that a web designer builds the website for you in the way you want? I have read a book recently by Nigel T Packer on 'Internet Marketing.' It is a must read. It doesn't tell you how to build a website it just points out the things that need to be looked at to optimise it for SEO. Don't rely on a family member or friend to build it, it will cost you more in time and lost revenue than from a properly built site that will generate leads and sales in a shorter period of time.

Follow the link to order the book and tell me what you think?

Internet Marketing by Nigel T Packer

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