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26th October 2009
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Key Domestic Burglary Statistics
Data from 2005/2006

Location and timing

Offenders primarily chose to enter through the front of the property – 48% closely followed by the back of the property.

68% of burglaries happen Monday to Friday with times of the day varying. The times vary due to occupancy, the presence of a dog, lights on or mail on the front door mat etc.

Types of methods used to gain entry

The findings from this data suggested that burglars had a preference for gaining entry through doors (69%) as opposed to windows (28%) and other ways (3%).

The main methods of gaining access through the door were;

42% forcing locks
21% door was not locked
17% breaking panel of door

Type of items stolen

33% money-related items - cash, wallets, cheque books, credit cards are always top of the list. Followed by CRAVED (Concealable, Removable, Available, Valuable, Enjoyable, and Disposable) items.
Jewellery features highly (29%) in burglary figures.
Mobile phones have the highest increase in items reported stolen and then car keys (8%). House burglary specifically to steal car keys and then car theft is on the increase.

What can you do to make your house safe from burglars?

1 – Lock your door! Sounds obvious, but from these statistics, it will prevent 21% of burglaries!
2 – Secure your door. Check and repair locks. If locks cannot be repaired fit a new door without panels and with a Yale 3 point locking system. Composite doors are stronger in construction than upvc doors (they don’t have removeable panels) and have more locking points than a wooden door.
3 – Use occupancy signs – automatic lights, radio left on etc to deter burglars. Get neighbours to pick up post and open and shut curtains etc

Article written by Anne from Hallmark Installations

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