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Valley Accountants a local Neath Port Talbot accountancy firm helping small and medium sized businesses through the highs and lows of financial planning

Valley Accountants a local Neath Port Talbot accountancy firm


Helping you through the highs and lows of financial planning!



QWho are Valley Accountants?


Established in 2007 by Chris and Sian Pavett, the company is a family business focussed mainly on the small to medium size business.


QWhy is Valley Accountants different to the average accountant?


For a start, we aren’t average!  We exist to ensure that our clients feel the full value of their accountancy service.  Not just the compulsory stuff, end of year accounts and so on, but the year-long advice and attention. After all, that’s we what are truly about; helping local Valley businesses to save as much tax as possible and flourish in the face of the recession.   Management reports, director’s loan reviews, budget and VAT forecasting, Tax Credit reviews...the list is endless. We just need to work out how best we can work together to help you achieve the goals that you and your business deserve.


QWill I hear from you more than once a year?


So many people tell us that they only hear from their accountant once a year when their accounts are due, and that they don’t feel they have any relationship with them, obviously we will not bombard you with phone calls, but to us, ensuring that you are happy with our services is of utmost importance.  We will call you at least once every three months to make sure that everything is ok.


QWhat can you offer that my accountant doesn’t?


One service that is particularly popular is our free bookkeeping software for our clients.  So many people don’t know how to do their bookkeeping and just need a little helping hand, any client of ours is entitled to use this software free, and will also receive full training and support, together with a free off site backup service.  If bookkeeping is too much of a hassle, then why not leave it to us? We’ll make sure that your bookkeeping is kept in tip top condition on a fixed fee basis.


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