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Nutrition, health and sports, a new approach to sports training and coaching with Neath Rugby Ltd's Primestart for primary schools.

Introducing Primestart, Neath Rugby's Primary School Initiative.

Neath Rugby's Primestart initiative is all about giving back to our community - a big thank you for all the support the Welsh All Blacks squad gets from its fans and supporters. The initiative was launched in 2005 and has already worked with 48 primary schools throughout Neath Port Talbot.

Primestart brings a new approach to sports training and coaching for primary school children.  Instead of focusing solely on sports training and coaching, the Prime Start initiative takes a wider view of sport.

By going into schools and holding fun festival days with our coaching team, players and health and nutrition experts, they can build on the already excellent job parents and teachers are doing in educating children about good nutrition, hydration, hygiene and an active lifestyle. Rugby sports training and coaching is an ideal way to get this message across.



Neath Rugby giving sports coaching back to the community.

The Primestart teams aim is to work with all 63 primary schools across Neath Port Talbot. They offer a free service to schools and also provide £250 worth of sports equipment and train a teacher in a recognised WRU coaching qualification to carry on their good work when the sports training and coaching team are not in the school.

The Primestart teams aim is to help kick start our children to a healthier lifestyle and future!

Like Jamie Oliver's school dinners, Primestart is hoping to introduce a new generation of children to sports and healthy living.



Primestart offers schools:

  • fun days with the Prime Start team that includes coaches, health and nutrition experts and a two community development officer.
  • free sports equipment.
  • festival events at the Gnoll for pupils from schools involved in Primestart.
  • training for teachers.
  • bilingual sessions.



Join Brian the Bull's Junior Club.

The Primestart team includes Brian the Bull.  The Brian the Bull's Junior Club is a great place for any young sports people to join up and get involved.

Prime Start is a fantastic opportunity for the primary schools of the Neath Port Talbot area to have top sports training and coaching given to their pupils in a fun way so that everyone can get involved and have a good time.



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