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Have a water cooler from Porthcawl Water Company installed in your Neath home or office. Now you can drink your 2 litres a day.

Are you drinking enough water?

At home or at work in and around Neath do you reach for a coffee or a fizzy drink?  Both are diuretic which means they get rid of water instead of topping it up.

Drinking up to 2 litres of water a day can dramatically improve your health.   A home or office water cooler from Porthcawl Water Company can give you bottled water in your own water dispenser or filtered water straight from the mains.

Here are ten good reasons to switch to drinking more water.  A water cooler makes it easy to increase your intake.

  1. Keeps headaches at bay.
  2. Reduces infections.
  3. Gives you better skin.
  4. Keeps up your concentration.
  5. Banishes bags under your eyes.
  6. Stops cramps.
  7. Reduces cystitis.
  8. Keeps bowels healthy.
  9. Prevents fluid retention.
  10. Keeps your breath sweet.


To find out more about having a water cooler installed in your home or office in the Neath area, call Porthcawl Water Company on

07825 064761


visit our website www.porthcawlwater.com

Free standing or desktop coolers for the office can be fitted by our qualified engineers.  For cost effective point of use coolers you can have a mains filtered water cooler fitted in your home or workplace.

If you already have a water cooler, why not call and see if we can offer you a better deal.

Bottled water delivered regularly to keep your supply constant.

Once a water cooler is installed, regular deliveries of bottled water to your Neath home or office will keep you topped up with fresh water and clear out empties so they don't clutter your space.

Call Porthcawl Water Company, for your home or office water cooler in the Neath area and right across South Wales. 

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