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Marketing Basics helping Neath businesses prosper in difficult times with simple and trusted marketing strategies

Marketing Basics

Marketing Basics are the leading consultants in “no-cost and low-cost” marketing and selling skills par excellence. This “skills cocktail” will raise your business above the rest. No need to have a large advertising budget, learn how to write adverts, articles or press releases, no need to waste money. Learn a practical suite of marketing Hone your sales skills to close more orders and gain more satisfied customers. Suitable for all from a single trader or larger employer.

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01792 549803 The Marketing Basics blog is crammed with useful ideas and contacts. Visit and sign up to follow it. You’ll then get information as events and ideas happen. Mike Leahy wants every business to have as many opportunities as possible to fly ahead of the competition. In these fast moving times you need to be at the cutting edge.

Marketing Basics deliver success
Rachael Flanagan of Mrs Bucket Cleaning Co is the current Federation of Small Businesses UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year. She said

“I cannot repay Mike Leahy of Marketing Basics for the fabulous work he has done in promoting my business and guiding me towards becoming the Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  He is a great marketeer and has taught Kim my manager, and myself important sales techniques that are enabling us to rapidly build our business through a simple marketing plan and basic sales techniques. He has been a great coach and is always there as a dependable critical friend” 

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Delivering consistent high quality
Marketing Basics deliver courses, coaching and consultancy to meet all your needs and to make your business buzz.  Call Mike Leahy for:

·        Motivation and Inspiration
·        A low-cost solution
·        Common sense and practical ideas
·        A FREE hidden marketing asset audit
·        A workable bespoke Action Plan
·        1-2-1 Sales Skills that turn a prospect into a customer
·        Sales letter & e-mail copy
·        Tuition on business letters that grab attention
·        FREE “ideas packed” newsletter
·        Coaching that is second to none
·        A dependable critical friend
·        Courses both in-house and public
·        E-mail courses
·        Putting your business ahead of the competition
·        Increased profit and improved cash-flow
·        Regular FREE e-mail sales & marketing tips
·        43 years of marketing and sales experience at all levels

We talk the talk but most importantly we walk the walk

Sales Skills & Marketing Ideas 2-hour Seminar  Unlock the Secrets” regularly run locally. Complete with an A4 40 page book covering every aspect to make business a success rapidly.

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