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Arnott’s Valeting Services giving Neath car owners the opportunity for their car to have the most professional car valeting service at their home.

Tim Arnott owner and managing director of Arnott’s Car Valeting Services offers you the chance to have your car professionally cleaned from the comfort of your own home in Neath. Tim travels all over South Wales but is based close to Neath so that your car can have a complete car valeting service. Tim arrives on your door step with the entire car valeting equipment based in the back of his van.

Car Valeting Services that Tim of Arnott’s Car Valeting services can provide are:

  • Wash, Clean leather, Vacuum - £15

  • Mini Valet - £25

  • Full Valet - £50


For more information on Arnott’s Car Valeting Services call 01656 870 953 Tim arrives on your door step with his own water tank and enough power to clean not only your car but enough to do a fleet of commercial vehicles. Tim is a professional who uses the best quality cleaning products and since Tim comes to your house in Neath you wont have to queue to give your car that extra special car valeting. After many years in the motor industry Tim recognises that giving your car a valet improves or adds value to the car before selling it and also a clean vehicle in excellent condition gets noticed by potential clients and customers. Looking to give your car that extra special car valeting service? Contact Tim and he will come to your house in the Neath area. Please mention the Best of Neath when contacting Tim at Arnott’s Car Valeting Services.


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