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My secretary attended one of nickys first aid course. She has not stopped talking about it since her return to work.
To-Date we have sent four of our staff including myself on Nicky and her Team’s first aid training course. Having sat through many of these training courses in the past I personally expected the same old boring training.
What a surprise I was in for. The course rocked, or should I say the course was the same, but the training technique was the best I had ever received. The way Nicky put across each stage of the course was refreshingly brilliant.
After the days training I was eager to get home and chat to my lovely wife about the course. Knowing that after this course which to be honest is the same course I have taken several times in the past, I could actually help someone in difficulty in the street or in the office and maybe even be responsible for preserving a child’s life it makes me feel proud.
Within a couple of days we had received the official training certificates and they are now mounted on the office wall. The cost of each course is very competitive; in fact, it cost me more to professionally mount the certificates than send 2 people on the course.
Alun has just walked in and reminded me that he did in fact pull the head off little Anne during the day’s course, which we hope will not happen should he need to recall his training in the real world.
Nicky from all the staff at Bransby IT, we would like to thank you and your team.
I hope that every person on your course finds that the course was a waste of money… We never want to be put in a position where that small amount of money actually comes into use… But there is a massive chance that it will.
Mat Jones
Bransby IT Ltd
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