Bletchley Park Trust
Bletchley Park Trust
  • The Mansion,
    Bletchley Park,
    MK3 6EB
Bletchley Park What To See: Discover Bletchley Park’s Story At Your Leisure Enjoying The Multimedia Guide And Visiting Fascinating Galleries And Exhibits Within The WW2 Codebreaking Huts And Blocks


In keeping with Bletchley Park’s restoration project, to create a world-class heritage site, the site now boasts a Visitor Centre, restored buildings and refreshed exhibits to preserve and commemorate the tireless work of the Codebreakers.  Highly atmospheric soundscapes play snatches of conversation, music, laughter and even a hint of romance, as well as the noises of bicycle bells and steam trains to conjure up how it would have sounded during wartime Bletchley Park.  The landscape is being returned to its tranquil setting, with areas returned to lawn and the footprints of the long-gone Huts 2 and 9 marked out to remind visitors where they were. The tennis courts have also been restored to grass, as they were in late 1940 and early 1941.

Other exhibitions are available at Bletchley Parkbut operated independently of the Bletchley Park Trust.  Go to our Suggested Itineraries page to see our suggestions for ways to plan your visit. 

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